Thank you for visiting Pendragon Shibas!

- Why do you want a Shiba?
- Do you have any experience with Shibas?
- What type of home do you have?  
- Do you have a fenced yard?
- Do you have any other pets?
- Do you have children?
- Are you interested in a companion dog or a show dog?
- Where are you located?
-Are you interested in an adult? A pup? Either?

At Pendragon Shibas, we do not ship our dogs.  
Prospective owners are welcome to visit us to meet the
pack.  I may be able to meet you within a reasonable
distance or at an upcoming dog show.  If you want to
be on a waiting list for an upcoming litter, I will send
you our application form.

All companion dogs are placed with a spay/neuter
agreement.  If the dog is six months or older, they are
spayed/neutered prior to placement.
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